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SAN ANTONIO Water Softener Installation

Are you curious about San Antonio water softener installation?  Do you already have a water softener but are wanting to upgrade your model? 


While water softeners may appear to be a luxury item, they can actually save you money in the long run.  We will take a look at local water compositionproblems related to having hard water, benefits of water softener installation in San Antonio and Boerne, TX, types of water conditioners, and the installation process.


So, let’s get started. 

Does your home need a water softener?


As water filters through limestone and other rocks in underground aquifers, it picks up bits of sediment.  This sediment increases the mineral content of the water.  The more dissolved minerals in the water, the higher the hardness of the water.  In the San Antonio area, calcium from underground limestone is the most common hardness mineral.


According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 85% of homes in the United States have hard water.  Hard water is defined as water that has a mineral content above 60 parts per million (ppm) or above 3.5 grains per gallon (gpg).  Unfortunately, water in the San Antonio area is some of the hardest water in the USA.  According to the above-mentioned survey, the average water hardness in San Antonio ranges between 121-180 ppm or 7-10.5 gpg.  It is recommended that if your water has a hardness rating over 7 gpg, you should consider installing a water softener.

Water Hardness Map.png

Despite the local average, the hardness of the water delivered to your home may vary.  So, how do you know if your home has hard water and could benefit from San Antonio water softer installation?


There are a number of common hard water signs to look for in your home.

  • Crusty, scale build-up on showerheads, faucet heads, and around the base of your faucets 

  • A mineral ring or stain at the waterline in the toilet

  • Soap scum build-up in sinks and tubs

  • Spots or soap scum on dishes after they are run through the dishwasher

  • White scale build-up inside the dishwasher

  • Scale build-up inside your water kettles, single cup coffee brewers, or pots used for boiling


In addition, you may notice:

Soaps and shampoos don’t lather well

Clothes that feel stiff or look dingy

Dry skin

Hair feels more brittle or limp


If you are still unsure if your home has hard water, you can get a water test kit from your local home improvement store or contact Denny Plumbing to test your water.  You can also do this simple home test.

Hard Water Test.png

Now that you have identified your home as having hard water, you may be asking, “So, what’s the big deal?  Why should I care about hard water?”


We’re glad you asked.  Let’s take a look at problems hard water can cause in your home.

Benefits of San Antonio Water Softener Installation.

Hard water scale is caused by the minerals in hard water being attracted to other surfaces and depositing on those surfaces.  At higher temperatures, the reaction causing these deposits increases.  This makes your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and coffee maker all prime targets for mineral deposits.  While these deposits can look unsightly, the greatest issue with them is the damage and energy inefficiencies they cause.

Water Heater Efficiency

According to a study organized by the Water Quality Research Council at New Mexico State University, water heaters operate 22-30% less efficiently when plagues with hard water scale.  Installing a water softener helps to prevent this build-up.  With no build-up, your water heater's efficiency will be retained and it will perform the way it was intended to.

Extended Life of Appliances

Without minerals clogging the spray heads and tubs, appliances large and small are able to work in the way they should.  Normal cleaning and maintenance should allow each of the appliances to fulfill the expected life span for that type of machine.

Protected Plumbing Fixtures

If minerals deposits are not around to damage a plumbing fixture, a faucet or shower head should work for many years to come.  In fact, barring a manufacturing defect or excessive wear-and-tear, most plumbing fixtures will outlast your desire for them.  In that case, you won’t have to replace them until you want to replace them.

Maintained Plumbing Water Flow

A lack of mineral deposits in your plumbing pipes means an unimpeded flow of water in and out of your home.

Ease in Cleaning

With no scrubbing away at calcium deposits or soap scum, cleaning becomes a breeze.  A simple glass cleaning spray and paper towel should be all it takes to clean the shower door.  A soft cloth to wipe the faucets should be sufficient.  All the time to gain from not having to scrub your plumbing can be channeled into tasks you enjoy.

Improved Hygiene

Although hard water does not pose a health issue, the lack of hard water does provide some unique benefits.  Those with soft water express that their skin feels softer and their hair is fuller with more “body.”  They also feel that their clothing is softer and retains its original color better.

Reduced Cost of Cleaning Products

Finally, since soaps are able to create suds better, less cleaning product is needed to get the same result.  This means less expenditure on body soap, shampoos, dish washing liquid, detergents, and other soaps.  Little bits of savings add up!  So, once you finish your San Antonio water softener installation, don’t forget to cut back on how much cleaning product you dispense at a time.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of water softeners.